Tuesday, June 16, 2009

at Degree life thr was no relaxation word wil appear~

This week was my third week in degree life. Haih, in this three week my mind jus will appear what my lecture or tutor thought, any other factors such as big news Cristiano Ronaldo is transferring to Real Madrid will jus take partly from my concentrate while reading the news paper, after finish study will still appear again...

I was being feel some stress overall but it was a good news=) its avoid me being a lazy ppl compare to las time i was in 2ndary skul=) assignment is started and management accounting will require us to find 10 journal article!! It will make me stick with library with my group mate to do so for research journal article.

While in those stressful moment, its make me rmb tat last time when i was in form 1-5 b4 i make a decision to UTAR, that time i was totally a lazy student, being lik to Ponteng to another class, skip school, lazy to do homework n not respect some particular teacher. From that time i dunno what is University, i thought that kind of level is suit for those smart student for study n its a miracle that UTAR having a ceramah at my skul tat change my mind. Surpisely i din think tat today i will be a respectful to my lecture n tutor and is a miracle to me having a University life lik now which i totally din plan it at all when i was in 2ndary skul..

well.. goin to eat dinner now, thn study against~~ study study study~~

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is Being one year ady.. END my foundation~~=)

hey.. im bek.. is being one year dy!! man~ haha.. being so lazy to update my blog.. ok, im goin to make it habit to update daily.. since alot ppl update their blog~ haha.. i ended my foundation, is being miss it so much! my fren which move to kampar n some how other shift to other college, wish u all good luck~:) one yr study at PJ which near industrial place which get me to recognise those road easily, now i go ther 4 yam cha is jus lik kacang with the road:P

well.. in a year im had learn alot of thing.. lazy to type here.. kaka.. keep it in my mind shud be more memorable for me=) im really appreciate my life at PJ which gain alot of experience to me~ those feeling when i think bek im really duno how im goin to describe it~ anyway some moment those 2ndary memories will appear in my mind again~ those life wont be able to get to taste it again=( jus lik my Abdul Ghani(add math) teacher told us "once u finish ur form 5, in the future whenever u all be, u all will think bek t0 ur 2ndary skul life.. TT now i really understand wat he told us.. but i didn't 4get all my memories~

as now, im proceed to undergraduate degree in UTAR by studying finance, tmr is goin to proceed to week 3, hopefully i can study all my best in this 3 yrs~ any update i will post asap~ goin to do revision dy~

anyway b4 i leave, im in relationship now~ she's from klang~ alot problem is being happen to us b4, but a couple wont be so smooth without appearance any problem.. =) now i did really appreciate her=) i goin leave now~ study.. asap will update the nex blog=p bye~

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

happy at uTAR life with TA fruits gang! lol...

today was my sixth week at utar life... getting more frens~ is was my happiest day ever in utar since the 1st day.. 1st day i jus knw gary,amerz n rey... now... its become a huge group with fruit gang... haha.. everyone has their own fruit name.. healthy everyday..=p
Banana (mei chern) was our fruit leader... keke... n im was the founder of this TA fruit... =p
n this is our gang!!

funny is it?? lol... Abigail(bil gate) bully me... =( but she look like 38poh too excited dy...keke
n our fruit leader banana at below!! lolx...

actually Abigail(strawberrys) too tall n block gary face, so tat gary push her head down n thn v argue till she bully me like tat.. =( sobs..
hehe... actually today is louee bday... hehe.. be4 he enter the class he was so unlucky bully by us, v using ALLUBA method... lol!! after enter the class... MS LOW not understand at all wat is alluba thn v go alluba him one time again!! haha... At last, MS LOW manage ask us to turn back to age 5 to sing a song to him... lol... Ms Low was a funny lecture i ever see... wee~ luckily she teach use... at last v manage to sing chinese, english n cantonese bday song to him... thn at last Ms Low ask him sing back a bday for himself... hehe... thn he kiss by HONEYDIU... =S
watch here... :p
hehe... at last ms low say he 4get her dads... lol!! anywher... happy bday louee~

haha... b4 v enter the class... v having a pics...

actually, v enjoying the aircond since the whether so hot!! =S some one was gay there. keke..

hehe... pics time...

this was abigail special calculator.. got LV brand at the cover... =p

haha... louee kena alluba... keke..

hehe... at last all smile.. =p

see garily pay money to uni for playing HP only!! =p till his mouth got saliva also din notice it... one white dot on his face.. =p good jobs amerz(durian).. haha!!

hehe... im starting like this fruits gang... damn funny... hehe... happy always in foundation!! =)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

confuse on the way to the titiwangsa n arrive at the titiwangsa...

this is the great one night trips to titiwangsa with my fren han loong(cow), steven, foh chin(rocket), tuck weng(duck), sook luan(ma zhi) n siew ying(small pig)... lol... haih, tat night wei jie(aids) din go coz his mother not allow him to go out... that time tuck weng leg very tired n dun wan to drive, so he ask me to drive his car... if aids got go i no need to drive... hehe.... this is his job... nvm then... cow say he know how to go to titiwangsa there, so he drive his honda civic(lousy sport car) i follow behind his car... during the way, we feel like he bring us to the wrong place le... we past by ISTANA agung hse~~ thn keep left to go in... phui!!! he brings us to kl plaza there... mother~~ wth!! thn cow blurr blurr le... we decide to stop beside opposite the pudu raya... foh chin try to call phui n ask how to go there... we wait there for several minutes, thn suddenly siew ying sister call her n ask how... thn actually siew ying know how to go there, but she dun hav self confident dun dare to bring us there scare bring us to the wrong place~~ nvm... at last we decide to follow her, she show me how to go there that time she sit behind me only... 1st, we went until the road back to kuchai lama... argh, nvm... we went to roundabout for u-turn back to kl... but, when arrive the roundabout we circle in the roundabout fo few circle thn decide which way to go... = = round until my head also confuse... argh!! nvm.. finally we found that way to titiwangsa le... finally arrive there~~~ we take one hour n more to arrive there... = = waste time n petrol... wah... damn nice the eye on MAL, i keen on tae pics... the eye on MAL will change colour in few second... nice!! after tat... some of us feel tat nid to go to toilet b4 buy ticket... what the!! all the public tolilet was closed... CCB!! what a lousy place i had nvr went b4!! we ask the workers where's the toilet, we need to drive out to the BHP station only got toilet... my god, wasting our time again...the time was 11pm... the eye on MAL goin to close on 12pm... some of us cant tahan... no choice...steven n siew ying stay for buy the ticket, others went for toilet... luckily we saw the tennis court who opposite the titiwangsa lake got toilet... after come out from toilet... steven call us nid to come back early... if not no time ady... no choice.. we ran back there... aiks... damn tired n hot... luckily got a big fan there... hehe... while waiting, we take a lotpics there... hehe... finally until us lu, we went inside... damn good... got air-condition haha... when we reach top... wow!! nice environment anywhere... we saw KLCC n KL Tower... nice~~ can view the whole kl city... hehe... we also can saw genting... nice... RM15 each person damn dai.... after turn six circle we only come down... nice... b4 we backwe take a group pics with the eye on MAL... after that we back kuchai n yam cha... unforgottable one night trips with a lot blurr blurr unluckily de thing happen... but i also enjoy it... haha~~

trips to titiwangsa~~ eye on MAL!!!

hehe.. take photo sin while waiting...

haha, cant wait de ma zi fast fast take photo when arrvie there..

group photo~

blue blue~~ haha... foh chin head at below on the right... keke...



wow!! so tall~~ i cant balance when i look up... haha...